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Mercedes-Benz Rare Rally Model Car 450 SLC 5.0 -1979-1980

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Here is another member of the GoMercedes.com restoration lineup. This is a rare Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC – R107, 1980, one of only 300 ever brought into the United States with European bumpers and specs.  It is an official gray market car . At the time the  Mercedes-Benz SLC was one of the most expensive cars that had built.   To own one at the time really meant that you absolutely had made it in the world.

The 1979 models were introduced to the public in September of 1978.  The 450SLC was priced at $36,738.00.  For 1978 $100.00 = $366.23 in 2016.  That would mean the car’s sold in 1978 for an equivalent of $138,207 in today’s dollars.

It features pillarless windows which means no obstruction when the windows are down providing great visibility and air flow. (There are no upright structural supports to block the view.)   It also has louvre windows in the back. The trunk and hood are aluminum to reduce weight on the car. The subtle creases in the hood are beautifully molded which at the time was very difficult to make.

This particular car is the same type of 450SLC that was raced in the spectacular World Rally Championships.  Very few of the 450 SLC – R107 were made.  They were made specifically so that Mercedes-Benz could enter the model in the WRC.

The R107 itself though has the distinction of being the longest production run in the entire Mercedes-Benz history.   The R107 models were also the last series designed by the original team of engineers who had pioneered and nutured the modern Mercedes engineering and performance.

Mercedes-Benz Advertisement 450SLC

Mercedes-Benz 1979 450SLC Advertising
Mercedes-Benz 450SLC 5.0 1979-1980 Advertising Brochure

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Mercedes-Benz 450SLC 5.0 1979-1980 Advertising Brochure

Video of World Rally Championships  (Note: The Safari Rally in Africa — Mercedes-Benz 450SLC portion begins at 3:04)